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Develop a Killer Value Proposition | Build your Online Presence | Develop In-bound Marketing | Develop Compelling Content for Website & SM | Engage Customers with Content & Event Marketing | Develop a Simple Market Communication Plan You Can Manage |OR: Get a High-Profile on-demand Marketing Manager [on Your Team – but Not on the Payroll]

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Content Marketing

Sell more effectively with Content that turns your expertise into Brand Engagement, readers into buyers and Brand advocates, and fills the sales pipeline with prospects, 24/7.

We will translate your expertise into compelling, original content for Websites and Social Media, with email and online campaigns that point to your business from every angle and make you a hero.

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  • Monthly Insights Paper
  • Case Study | Article
  • Monthly Online Campaign
  • and more
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Marketing Projects

Not enough hands on deck to get the message out? Planning to launch a new Business, Service or an internal initiative? Integrated Communication Plan, implemented fast makes all the difference.

InnoFuture is a resource for business owners and busy executives to get their Message out effectively. We will select the best channels to work 24/7. We will also implement your campaigns if required.

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  • Value Proposition
  • Integrated Communication Strategy & Action Plan
  • Internal Communication Project .
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Event Marketing

Boost your sales effectiveness and Brand leadership with Event Marketing. The more innovative a business or the more competitive the industry, the more you need to educate the market. Leverage the power of edutainment and technology to create hot prospects and engage customers.

We will design a program and market your client events to showcase your expertise and educate your market and convert participants into buyers and Brand advocates.

Let’s talk…

  • Event Design & Marketing
  • Video Marketing


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Jojo-2Margaret Manson
Chief Inspirator | InnoFuture

M: 0407 66 11 30 | E: Margaret(.)Manson(@)InnoFuture(.)com(.)au


Margaret Manson is the Founder of InnoFuture. Essentially, a ‘blue-collar’ content and communication Freelancer,  she does the hard stuff that builds Brands and grows business pipelines. With over 300 integrated market campaigns, she is a dedicated and relentlessly innovative resource for Business Owners and busy Managers to energise and leverage the Value Proposition, Brand Content, Communication Strategy, Internal Projects engagement and Leaders’ Personal Branding.