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Content and Content Strategy that Drives B2B Growth

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing, also known as Inbound Marketing, is an innovative growth strategy that leverages the strategic process of creating & distribution of valuable and relevant information as content to a clearly defined target audience. The aim of Content Marketing is to HELP your ideal prospective customers find what they need, engage with your brand, decide to purchase your products or services and appreciate using them. To perform this task and deliver customers to your door, digital or physical, Content Marketing requires a sound, data-driven Content Strategy. Content Strategy underpins everything your organisation needs to do to acquire the right customers, retain them, and convert them into active promoters of your Brand.

A Content Strategist, who may also be a Content Writer, in charge of creating most of your content requirements, will help you shape effective Content Strategy and an Editorial Content Calendar.

Content Strategy enables your Brand to make your sales and marketing efforts extremely accurate by clearly defining your Buyer Profile (Buyer Persona), your Business Value Proposition, and SMART goals. This leads to setting relevant metrics and a Marketing Roadmap to achieve these goals. Just how important it is to create your key Buyer Personas, this cool graphic from SEMrush shows that every function in business can benefit from deeply understanding who your customer really is.

Your Editorial Content Calendar is simply a 90-day (at a time) Campaign Plan, designed to provide your potential Buyers with great answers to every question they may have about your solutions. An Editorial Calendar allows to plan the best topics and formats to strengthen your Sales Funnel where it is underperforming or where the greatest opportunities exist.

At InnoFuture we specialise in developing Content Strategy, Content Editorial Calendars and writing Content for every stage of the Buyer’s Journey. We also help you manage and develop design briefs for creative and web design agencies. Our Content Strategist also works closely with expert SEO agencies to ensure that their technical work supports and complements your Content Strategy.

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What is Content?

As mentioned above, content is essentially information that is important to your ideal customers, or Buying Personas. What makes it important? Content is only important when your prospective customers or your existing tribe can find it when and where it’s convenient for them, and if it addresses their questions in their preferred language and format.

In the digital age, dominated by technology and automation (MarTech), business people associate Content Marketing almost entirely with digital or online marketing. Content Marketing gets frequently confused with blogging, posting on Social Media (SM) or just copywriting for a range of sales and marketing assets. While content marketing covers all the above, our strategic approach, Pillar content, enables your Brand to build cumulative impact on your audience and the all-powerful Search Engines.

Therefore, content today covers a rich variety of mediums designed to engage and influence potential buyers on their terms. This includes a plethora of written content, including blogs, articles, guides, paper and your entire website; to images, such as infographics, to video, podcasts, webinars, and speaking events. The best thing about great Content is that once created, it not only works for the business in perpetuity, for FREE. You can also re-purpose good content into different formats and recycle periodically as evergreen content.


How Does Content Help Customers Along their Buying Journey?

The biggest strength of Inbound Marketing approach is that it allows your B2B company to align your sales funnel – what you want to achieve – with the Buying Journey of your Customer and what they want to achieve. Alignment means you are going in the same direction, talking. During this digital journey together, your Prospects ask questions, and you proactively provide helpful answers and information that helps them make a confident decision.

The process of successful content marketing requires a systematic approach based on Content Strategy, and an Editorial Content Calendar. To a large degree Content Marketing has replaced or now underpins all elements of Marketing Communication. Importantly, Content plays the pivotal role in the new B2B Buyer Journey.

Note that the DELIGHT stage, while very important for every B2B company that relies on repeat customers and their referrals, it is critical for B2B SaaS companies that depend on customer retention in their subscription models.

Indeed, today, content is king!

Why Your Business Needs Content Marketing.

The most common business challenge across the global village and every sector is how to generate more sales, profitably. In the digital age Content Marketing is the most powerful business strategy to address this challenge. Therefore, to ensure that their B2B companies can effectively generate Brand Awareness, steady Leads, and loyal, referring customers, small business leaders must understand what is Content Marketing and how it delivers outstanding and measurable ROI.

If you are wondering why your traditional B2B sales and marketing tactics don’t work in the digital paradigm, consider these basic stats. They explain why, in the world of a digital customer, to sell more, you need Content, good Content and more Content.

  • Content marketing gets 3 times more leads than paid search advertising.
  • 62% of buyers prefer to get their information from an online search.
  • 70-80% of search users only look at organic results.
  • 47% of buyers view at least 3-5 pieces of content before contacting a company.
  • 37% of Salespeople struggle with prospecting.
  • 40% of Salespeople find it increasingly harder to get a response from prospects.
  • 42% of companies have hired a designated content strategist executive.

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    What is Inbound Marketing?

    Inbound Marketing is an advanced digital marketing concept developed by Brian Halligan is the co-founder and CEO of HubSpot. Halligan defined inbound marketing as a “cycle of attracting, engaging, and delighting people. By creating content that educates and informs your prospects and customers with context, clarity, and creativity, you can build trust and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.”

    Inbound methodology is fully customer-centric and utilises proven and timeless marketing principles while leveraging technology, analytics and automation to drive the Inbound Sals Funnel. The critical difference between Inbound and Outbound approaches is that while the former builds a mechanism that pulls (attracts) customers consistently and with growing authority to come to you, ready to buy; Outbound marketing requires constant outbound marketing to push prospects in.


    The Role of a Content Marketing Specialist

    Content Marketing has emerged to occupy an integral space in the marketing sphere. Consumers are always eager to gain knowledge that will enable them to make informed choices. Content offers the means to satisfy their quest and can help you connect directly with your customers.

    Developing an effective strategy is all about understanding what consumers are looking out for. At InnoFuture, we help brands offer answers and solutions to prospective customers’ needs through interesting content. Relevant and informative content builds brand authority and trust. We will uncover and curate content that will help your business soar.

    Working with our content strategist in Melbourne you will be able to leverage your expertise, and experience We will guide you at every step of content creation. Whatever be the life stage of your business and your customers’ journey, we are here to help you out. Our website content writers can help you with:

    • Content Development for new website
    • Update content for an existing website
    • Refreshing the business value Proposition
    • Adding new content

    Website with outdated technology and poor content can do immense harm to your business. Hiring a digital agency in such circumstances might not always help as they might not be able to create relevant business content. However, with our wide experience, we can design the best content that can help you reach your audience. We lay emphasis on every detail and can effectively help you convey the message you want, through compelling content. We adopt a holistic approach towards content creation that can enable you to generate new leads and broaden your consumer base. With our strategies, you will be able to know and connect better with your customers.

    Choosing the Best Content Marketing Agency for YOU!

    Best content marketing agencies, like InnoFuture in Melbourne, can help businesses develop and implement effective marketing strategies using content marketing. We use our deep understanding of the B2B customer and many industry sectors to convert your expertise into effective brand communication. Our content and strategy builds market engagement, and converts readers into buyers and customers into loyal advocates of your brand. We accomplish this by translating your brand message into creative content and selectively map out campaign deployment across ONLY most relevant communication platforms.

    This selective approach is critical to small and medium B2B companies with limited budgets. Narrow focus, based on sharp, data-based targeting provides the best ROI on your marketing efforts.

    Not every digital marketer and not every marketing agency can develop content marketing strategy and strategic content. Working with a specialist content marketing agency is the best option to enhance your sales, increase brand awareness, attract new customers and retain existing ones. Size doesn’t matter. What matters is consistency of brand message. Ideally, your business should work with a content marketing strategist, who, if necessary can help you scale up your content marketing effort.

    A content marketing strategist will guide website content writers – using internal domain experts and outsourced talent – to create effective content marketing strategies with a holistic approach and expertise. The content strategist will ensure creative content writers, in Melbourne or virtual, collect the brief from the clients and frame an outline. We then design content strategies that can help to fuel your business.