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InnoFuture is a specialist B2B marketing services agency in Melbourne. We work with leaders of ambitious B2B companies, helping them build strong brands with robust sales pipelines and customer loyalty. Our innovative B2B Marketing approach leverages advanced marketing methodologies, such as Content Marketing, to deliver effective and accountable marketing strategies and support. Our B2B marketing services can significantly reduce the long term cost of marketing and selling through focus on consistent market engagement to consistently generate leads and customer retention.

What is B2B Marketing

Business to business (B2B) marketing is a specialist expertise that requires unique skills and experience. The difference between B2Bmarketing and B2C (business to consumer) is that the corporate or business buyer and business communication is vastly different from that of a private consumer. The quality of B2B expertise depends on good understanding of a business buyer and the dynamics of the business buying process and decision-making. Therefore, B2B marketing is implemented using different strategies, channels and language. Having a well-defined marketing strategy is essential to the effectiveness of sales and marketing efforts.

The New B2B Marketing Metaverse

While personal selling through Senior Leaders or a dedicated Sales Team is still critical to the success of any B2B organisation, in the digital economy, the focus has shifted from outbound to inbound marketing. This is because the business buyer has changed. The new business buyers prefer to find and evaluate the information online first before they decide that they trust your brand enough to talk to you. The new B2B marketing metaverse consists of digital spaces where business buyers choose to network, learn, and build business relationships. Hence, the large part of the sales process today must be driven by marketing.

Our B2B Marketing Services

InnoFuture provides deep expertise and experience in developing effective business marketing strategies. Our core Marketing Services focus on Marketing Strategy, Marketing Communication and Content Marketing. Within these core services we deliver a range of specialist activities to execute the strategy. Marketing works best when it forms a holistic, interconnected system of purposeful messages and relevant channels. We can bring all or just selected elements together to give your business the best results.

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    Marketing Consulting | Strategic Advice & Projects

    Sometimes companies reach the point of crossroads. They know they need a change. They know they need to “do marketing”. Usually, it is about more strategic and consistent marketing. However, they many small businesses had been disappointed with their previous marketing experience and are reluctant to fully commit to a solution, be it an employee or an agency. Yet, they know they need answers and that the problem will not magically disappear.

    InnoFuture B2B Marketing Consulting service is a perfect solution. From an in-depth top-level discussion to a top-level review and recommendations to strategise your marketing direction, a marketing consultation with our expert is an ideal option for a CEO or business Owner.

    Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

    Effective marketing starts with the sharp clarity of the business’ Unique Value Proposition (UVP) also referred to as a USP, unique selling proposition. Because how can you expect prospects to choose your business if is not clear, in every interaction with your organization, whom you help, how and why you do it better than anyone else.

    Our work with our clients often starts with sharpening their UVP. Maybe even your own employees, or maybe even your Salespeople do not know how to say that elusive “elevator pitch” to attract instant interest and respect of the audience?

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    B2B Marketing Strategy

    We believe that the best marketing strategy today should be agile, easy to implement, and creates residual Value. We tailor our marketing strategies with focus on factors that are unique to every business and develop plans to target the brand’s ideal customers. Every business is different and the solutions might not work with the same degree of effectiveness. The strategies we design are geared towards achieving the precise requirements of each business and our experience enables us to deliver the the best customized solutions that will help your business realize its true potential.

    Your B2B marketing strategy will be built on solid foundations, with a : Unique Value Proposition, smart Market Segmentation, and a clarity of the Ideal Customer Persona. This enables us to drive content creation for every stage of the customer journey, distribution of the message and the accuracy of that message.  We also ensure that your marketing strategy and the underlying communication, that completely depends on the rules of the major distribution platforms (e.g. Google, LinkedIn and email systems), is designed to accommodate these rules.  Content is the only thing about marketing you can control, measure and easily improve. And the best part is that content, anchored in customer-centered strategy, unlike any other form of marketing, builds compounding value, with diminishing cost.


    B2B Market Segmentation

    Successful marketing and business growth starts with an intimate understanding your Customer. If the business struggles with its Value Proposition, the USP, it is possible that the target audience has not been clearly defined. It may be fuzzy around the edges, lacking … the edge, making it difficult for your market to see their own reflection in your offer and brand.

    Market segmentation enables businesses to have a laser-sharp image of their ideal Customers. It is essential to designing an effective marketing strategy, communication and channels. Importantly, an innovative approach to market segmentation may provide a unique advantage in an otherwise crowded and competitive market.

    Customer Persona Profiling

    As an extension and the next step in Market Segmentation, having a clear picture of the Customer Persona(s), works to further enhance the effectiveness of sales and marketing. It goes beyond the job function and demographics. It is about how your idea customers see the world and their place in it. Their aspirational wants and needs are even more important than who they are now.

    For example, with one of our clients we identified that targeting up and coming leaders among junior doctors was a perfect way to build the future sales pipeline. And, considering the length of the sales cycle, it wasn’t even that far off.




    Thought Leadership Marketing

    Content marketing is king. In the digital, borderless, work-from-home, post-Covid world, relationships are built online, via written and visual information, before even a video call is made. Increasingly, influence and trust are established through the content funnel that moves strangers through their journey towards your brand, purchase and loyalty. The challenge with millions of content pieces created weekly across the world, further mass-produced by AI tools is an overwhelming market noise.

    Thought Leadership marketing is what can set a business apart. It’s not even about being a great thinker. It’s about providing good quality, useful and helpful information your prospects need. And, of course, it needs to link to your expertise. Thought Leadership marketing is an ideal strategy for knowledge enterprises, such as innovative technology, technology solutions, business services. Anything that is new or different that requires market education.

    To help our B2B Customers to successfully leverage Thought Leadership, InnoFuture provides a range of solutions with focus on:

    1. Pillar content marketing (be seen)
    2. Evergreen content (be read)
    3. Event marketing (be heard)


    LinkedIn Marketing & Lead Generation

    LinkedIn marketing complements the content-driven Inbound Process. LinkedIn is one of the key communication channel for professionals and business people to communicate with each other and their target audiences. This social platform has effectively replaced many aspects of traditional networking. We leverage LinkedIn as an important organic distribution channel in Marketing Strategy for our clients by: 

    • Aligning LinkedIn communication with your Content Marketing Strategy.
    • Finding your Ideal Prospects. This is where our Market Segmentation and Customer Profiling effort pays off.
    • Creating message sequences  to build awareness and relationships based on trust.
    • Utilising technology monitor progress, report and tailor the ongoing communication.


    vCMO | Growth

    Continuity of strategic thinking and consistent execution of a simple marketing plan, with consistent and measurable market communication ensures marketing effectiveness and success. With the InnoFuture Virtual CMO on-demand, our clients gain better results from their marketing effort and investment. InnoFuture vCMO Growth service provides not only a sound strategic direction and the all-important, relentless hands-on execution, but also supports the business leaders with a Partner who can provide a valuable sounding board.

    The job of a small business owner or CEO can sometimes feel isolated. Discussing market challenges and business strategy with a your switched on accountant or your peers helps and often results in good ideas.  But they will not help you develop a specific marketing strategy or do the research to validate your market direction. And, no matter how good your strategy is, you need a skilled and proactive vCMO to execute your growth strategy and campaigns.

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