About InnoFuture

InnoFuture provides practical hands-on services in Marketing Communication Strategy with particular focus on Inbound and Content Marketing. We support Organisations and busy Managers who want to achieve Market and Brand Leadership and Competitiveness through stronger Brand engagement. We are obsessed with results. For us it’s personal. 

Our philosophy is simple: Brand is the most important business asset (is you are unsure, ask us what we mean). Strategy is essential to success and, rather than being set in concrete through a lengthy and costly process, it is about clarity of direction and execution. Customer-centric marketing drives innovation.

InnoFuture Leadership – Margaret Manson 

I am Margaret Manson, professional marketer, entrepreneur, innovation evangelist. My passion and professional commitment is to enable innovative B2B companies in Technology and Business Services to leverage the leading trends in marketing, technology and innovation to fuel their growth and ambitious businesses goals.

I work with Business Owners, Founders and CEOs to help them build awesome, globally competitive Brands and consistent, profitable Sales through excellence in Content & Inbound Marketing. To selected clients I provide ongoing, part-time Marketing Management. It ensures continuity and scalability of their business – while they grow!

My experience and deep understanding of diverse industries and the B2B customer, enables me to quickly grasp complex business domains and translate insights into strategic communication and compelling content.

If you are launching a new business, product or service, or, simply want to take your company to the next level, I can help.

When YOU work with InnoFuture, YOU will be working directly with me – not with a sales rep, not with a junior account manager, not with a new staff member every few months. Every phone call and email will reach me directly and I will respond to you directly – with the full knowledge of your projects and your business journey. 

I do several things that will help you achieve growth objectives, including:

  • Content Marketing – Strategy and Creation
  • Planning and Execution of Content-driven Campaigns
  • Marketing Strategy: Market Segmentation, Brand and Communication direction
  • Lead Generation Strategy and Development – Inbound Marketing
  • Thought Leadership Marketing
  • Marketing Management – Part Time while you grow!

Want to find out more? Message me or contact me on: 0407 66 11 30.
If you need to have a quick chat about your urgent marketing challenge, you can schedule a meeting with me.

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A bit of history: 

2001: The WHY: Margaret Manson establishes Global Trendz Marketing [GTM]  as a marketing boutique in Melbourne to provide SMEs with affordable and responsive world-class strategic marketing advice and support.

2007: Inspired Growth – We add an extra dimension to our Client’s competitiveness: INNOVATION. Launch of a world-class business innovation conference, InnoFuture – Future Powered by Innovation, designed to bring leading global business innovation trends and models to Australia. GTM is eclipsed by InnoFuture. We have started a ‘movement’.

InnoFuture Momentum: nearly one hundred people, who attended the conference, came together for a ‘Reunion’ two months after the event – just in Melbourne – which turned into a long running series of live events hosted by Telstra in their Innovation Centres in Melbourne and Sydney from 2008 – 2009, then, by Suncorp and GHD in Brisbane. But too many people couldn’t take full advantage of our live events – being spread across our vast country.

InnoFuture Momentum Online:  The Problem with ALL LIVE EVENTS AND MOST TRAINING is that the participants cannot easily act on what they have just heard. With an objective to “Make valuable know-how less perishable and more efficient to apply!”, and two years of research and experiments with online group meeting and learning TECHNOLOGIES – in 2010, we launched an online event program – via a unique blend of video conferencing and webinar platform.

An innovative experiment – InnoFuture RIOT: It’s not easy to hold people focused for any period of time in front of a screen – we have been conditioned to self-distract by the TV commercials; so our experiment led to a RIOT format, an ambitiously 29-minute sprint through concepts and ideas – with exciting international guests, video presence, etc. But the best was yet to come…

InnoFuture Business Academy – “dare to lead”:  From marketing strategy, through group education, InnoFuture is back, assisting individual Businesses with the most important transformation for the new state of competition. In 2014 we have launched our exclusive SERVICES to assist Australian SMEs in building a world-class Competitiveness, Productivity and Innovation agility fit for global markets. We help create Australian global market leaders, who can also more effectively compete right here in their local markets.

We know that most businesses need to address these challenges to be successful:

  1. Having a clear Vision that engages and inspires employees, customers & partners;
  2. Having a Differentiated Business to be Competitive and Profitable;
  3. Achieving real Productivity from all resources;
  4. Understanding what they need to innovate to achieve competitive results;
  5. Collaboration to gain speed, cost leadership and access to other resources;
  6. Being a human company in order to be a great company!

InnoFuture is committed to MAKE A DIFFERENCE to YOUR BUSINESS.

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