In the book, Collaborate or Perish, co-authors Zach Tumin and Bill Bratton examine the evolution of collaboration, how or if technology has changed the field, and what key ingredients are necessary for effective collaboration in the 21st century.

Many experts claim that technology is the reason collaboration has changed so drastically, but in order for massive strides to be made in the technology industry, effective collaboration must already be in place. As Zach Tumin says in this video:

“If collaboration were only about the technology, then the one with the best toys would always win.”

Zach discusses the concepts in his book as well as a the “keys to success” for collaboration. All organizations will need to adopt these policies quickly in this age in order to survive. Take a look at this video excerpt to learn more:

Zach is very passionate about these lessons and sharing them all around the world. Would you like to hear and speak with him on these concepts in person? Check out the Collaborate or Perish business event with InnoFuture!