In my recent interview with Zach Tumin, co-author of the New York bestseller, Collaborate or Perish, we discussed the concept of always tackling the right-size problem. Zach pointed out the importance of picking or forming an issue that will deliver a “quick win.” The value of a quick win is critical to you, your team, and especially the management as it shows positive, immediate results of your approach

Your first set of problems do not need to solve the “big” problem in your organisation right away, but they do need to go toward that ultimate goal. They also need to be setup for that “quick win” so that everyone in your organisation (including investors) see that they are worth the time and effort.

Take a look at the follow video clip in which Zach Tumin explains his approach to creating right size problems.

Right-sizing problems is a process that will evolve as you move toward your innovation goals. At times, the issue itself will change as you begin to make progress towards its solution, so this process must be organic in your organisation.

Over to you now. What tips and techniques does your organisation currently use to right-size a problem? Could you be more effective in sizing up the problem for immediate success?