Today I bemourn the demise of Blackberry.

It has been my friend and the most wonderful piece of business technology for a mobile business. After five year of great service, I have defected to the next market leader, Galaxy Nexus.Why?

I dont care about the touch screen, sliding things and apps. Just like with the brain, most people only use about 10% of the capacity.

Is it about product innovation leadership? Only to a degree. It is about continuity and relevance.

Recently Wall Street Jnl announced its list of the top 10 most endangered brands for 2012, five of them would send a shock through ‘innovation’ community, because just a few years ago these were heros and leaders:

  1. Nokia
  2. MySpace
  3. American Apparel
  4. Sony Pictures
  5. Sony Erickson

What is truly frightening that no corporate ‘species’ is safe from extinction virtually overnight, unless they are able to keep the culture of innovation alive. Goethe, the greatest German poet, said in his epic ‘Faust’, “only those deserve the freedom, who fight for it every day”. Perhaps it’s a loose translation, but innovation is not a single win. It’s a journey, a way of life, keeping fit for life.

What is the fitness regime for your Team?