If you are looking for new sources of competitve edge, you are in the right place.You are in the foyer of InnoFuture. The big show is about to start!

We connect Businesses looking for competitive edge in Strategy, Product or Service Development, Operations and  Talent Management, with Leading Experts and Peers to help them make innovation happen… faster, more often,with flair.

Our Vision is to Inform, Inspire and Connect innovators – through Events, ‘curated’ Expert Gallery, Experts Talk and ongoing conversation.

We  are a fusion of Knowledge Broker and a Brand Buttler. In a crowded room, we bring  Business Leaders and Leading Experts together to create sparks of greatness through purposeful communication.

Join the InCrowd and be part of the innovation movement.



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JUNE 21, 11.30AM-1.00PM (Melbourne / Sydney) [VIRTUAL EVENT]
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DETAILS & REGISTRATION: www.6steps2innoculture.com

If having smart, creative and connected people, who consistently come up with effective solutions to challenges that your organisation is facing – is important to you – then you should not miss this event.

An international cast of industry speakers will be taking you on an exciting journey to discover how to establish and deepen the innovative culture in your organisation. Learn how to find and leverage yours and your Team’s creative talent, even if you already have a working innovation program.


Expert Gallery … coming soon! Reserve your place in the Gallery!

When fully constructed it will be the largest, fully curated, permanent virtual and live showcase of great resources in Innovation, Technology and Marketing – available to businesses wanting to start or make substantial progress with innovation.

It will be your destination for when you need to have something done professionally, faster or differently. Hear Experts Talk in the Video Wall.

We are inviting organisations with expertise, products and services in Innovation, Enabling Technologies that enable innovation, and expertise marketing and communicating innovation: from IP, commercialisation to visualisation and teaching presenting, influencing and collaboration skills.

Join me in constructing the Gallery and be the prominent, widely visited and frequently ‘rented-out’ exhibit.

To enquire and apply: mmanson@globaltrendz.com.au