Welcome to Competitive Impact – DIY Essentials Program!

Competitive_Impact-DYI_EssentialsCongratulations on selecting the Competitive Impact – DIY Essentials Program and your foresight in undertaking this journey! It is a comprehensive step-by-step guide for business Leaders to build Foundations of a high performing Business Culture that drives productivity, innovation and profitable growth.

You will discover that by investing your valuable time in working through this process and documenting your thinking, you will gain a much sharper picture of your Business potential and direction. Importantly, you will gain a complete system and tools for employee engagement, including an agile decision-making framework to ensure that right decisions are made on all levels, more often. You will be able to communicate your objectives with more clarity and therefore, demand high performance of others.

The DIY Essentials Program allows you to work at your own pace, from anywhere there is access to Internet. While personal Coaching is not included in the DIY Essentials, you can join the Program FORUM to interact with the Coach and your peers.

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