So, you want to get some business leads and you are thinking about giving advertising a go. Great! Advertising can work quickly and with little to no effort. We’ve all heard this famous old line by David Ogilvy, “I know that 50% of advertising works, I just don’t know which 50%”. So, if you want to grow your business consistently, you can get your unlimited business leads without advertising. 

If you are serious about getting unlimited business leads, you need to take a step back and ask one simple question.

What does your ideal client need?

They want answers. They need to know how to sell, buy or do something that helps them solve a problem at hand.

What they are looking for must be helpful, useful and most of all relevant to their current need. Depending on where they are now along their Buyer’s Journey, their needs for information will be vastly different.

Sure, you might attract them with advertising, or events, or video, but… after that you will still need to prove your expertise with original, valuable content.

What is it about Content?

In our world of constant distractions competing for already brief attention spans, you need to influence an audience rapidly to want to stick with you. According to the latest research from Forrester Research, 68% of B2B buyers are increasingly self-directed and prefer to research online.

In a blink of an eye, or seven seconds, you need to convince those “passing” strangers that you ARE the ideal solution to their problems. And, the absolute best way to do that is with original, valuable content.

It could be a blog post, article (like the one you are reading), lead magnet, white paper – even the copy on your website. Strategic content agencies, like InnoFuture, will help you create the most relevant types of content for each stage of the buying journey of your ideal clients. This purpose-designed information flow works like a virtual salesperson working for free 24/7. It attracts and moves strangers along to become customers and loyal promoters of your brand.

You have a new prospect!

Imagine the perfect prospect found your business. Yeah! Fantastic, right?

Maybe they got a referral from a past client who raved about your service, saw an article posted on LinkedIn or stumbled across your site on Google. Now, focus on what happens next…

At this point it’s like they’ve walked into your virtual showroom, but with one big problem. Instead of just you, smiling and brilliant with solutions, ready to serve… there are 1,000 distractions pulling them away.

And here’s the worst part… if they leave now, their chances of coming back are…well, about zip.

That’s why your content needs to instantly speak their language and solve a problem. When we create content marketing strategies for clients, we always focus on 3 essential components.

1. Speak their language.

Your prospect wants to know YOU KNOW THEM: their problems, frustrations and the kind of solution that will put a smile on their face. That’s why you need to speak their language.

Start by describing their problem using words you’ve heard a hundred times from your customers.

Once a prospect tells me their challenges, I will describe similar problems my clients have experienced. Just like this article, always start with a problem you know you are ideally suited to solve. Now they know you know them, and you are ready to solve their problem.

2. Solve their problem.

Every customer has a problem – your job is to make it obvious and urgent. At InnoFuture, a prospect might think they need a website, brochure or social media campaign.

All great – all also wrong!

We know from client interviews and projects what our clients really want is a simple solution to get more qualified clients into their pipeline. Isn’t that true for you?

Once we know what the real goal is, we can craft a brilliant solution with original, high-value content. That’s why we focus on creating sales solutions (not marketing solutions) with strategic content marketing. If you can offer a solution to your ideal client’s problems, they will stop shopping around and want to buy from you.

3. Engage and Build Trust to Get a Sale

Your content is your salesperson—there to motivate the prospect to make that decision. If you want to get the sale, your content must direct the reader through your interconnected pieces of content (statistically 4-6) – your article, blog post, video, download, etc, to your “revenue” pages and ultimately to make a contact.

Your investment needs to return measurable results that convert inbound traffic to tangible results. That’s why you need to get started today to learn how content marketing can change your marketing results from hopeful best wishes to strategic results. As a content agency, we thrive on crafting sales content into a story line that takes the prospect from interested to influenced to contact you.

Get started.

Ready to get started attracting your ideal clients? Discover how we can create a content marketing strategy that gets results.