Transform your Business Culture Overnight!

Every organisation has A culture. The question is whether it is the right Culture for your business.

Does your current Culture drive or stall your business?

  • Is it anchored in your Competitive Strategy?
  • Do all employees understand what your Brand is about?
  • Are they connected across silos to share their diverse knowledge?
  • Is Continuous Improvement part of their daily routine?
  • Do all your employees understand what innovation means for the organisation and how does it link to their job?
  • Are your employees active ‘evangelists’ of your business Brand?

Many organisations think that they are more innovative, more differentiated and that their employees understand what is to be achieved – than they really are. Mistakes are made on that basis and it comes as a surprise when either Customers or Employees leave.

We can conduct an anonymous Culture Audit for your organisation and check its fitness to innovate with agility. This will add an objectivity to your decisions by identifying real risks to success and barriers to competitiveness. On this basis we will be able to assist you to design and implement the right Culture for your business to get you through to the next level of market success.

What is InnoFuture DOJO.

InnoFuture Dojo is a learning, networking and collaboration system designed to help busy Business Leaders and Executives to transform business culture for growth by wiring continuous improvement and productivity into daily operations and every job of engaged and focused employees.

DOJO Enables ‘lean’ organisations to:

  • Communicate Shared Vision and Values to all employees.
  • Automate training in using your key processes.
  • Make training more manageable and more accountable.
  • Incorporate the Kaizen system of continuous improvement.
  • Build your Knowledge Management system.
  • Accumulate valuable business experiences.

InnoFuture DOJO System Delivers:

  1. Consistently, efficiently trained workforce – in what really matter.
  2. Increased, residual value of learning over conventional training.
  3. Continuous improvement wired into operational procedures.

InnoFuture DOJO – A Complete System:

  • Transform your existing Processes and Procedures into meaningful, accountable and interactive Training Modules;
  • Build culture of quality and innovation into existing processes;
  • Utilese Kaizen Forum to drive continuous improvement and innovation;
  • Assign people to training packages and re-assign for repeat learning;
  • Use Reports feature as a source of new ideas for business and training system improvement;
  • Make training a desirable ‘ritual’ in your organisation with inspirational incentives [‘Awards’] and sourcing interesting extracurricular information to add ‘edutainment’ to the training.

Dedicated, professional support:

We know you are busy. We will start you up and provide ongoing support.

Leaders see Culture as a business Process that differentiates an organisation. Properly managed, it ensures business longevity, market attractiveness and profitability. And, as a Process, Culture, including Innovation Culture, can be managed, measured, improved and changed – over time.


Jojo-2InnoFuture is a Business Culture specialist helping SME leaders put their Competitive Strategy on every employee’s agenda to consistently deliver results in Productivity, Customer and Employee Brand Engagement, Continuous Innovation, and easier, more Profitable Sales. Looking for Growth?

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