The Australian Business Model for Productivity and Innovation

Adopting The Australian Business Model on Business and Country level is imperative if we want to build competitive and prosperous Australia: business, industries, economy and society.

Australia is at the cross-roads. The current and still developing crisis in a range of industries conveniently dovetails to other factors. While we could argue that the Australian dollar and various global crises have contributed to the problem, the truth lies much closer to home. And this is something we can and need to address. 

We can resolve these problems by adopting the Australian Business Model through government to every business to give industries the confidence for investment in future growth.

Develop + Promote + Strategically reward

NNPGearsThe Australian Business Model needs to be based on a set of identified strategic advantages that can be leveraged by creating synergies between all ‘producing’ industry sectors to build a diversified and sustainable economy. The Australian Business Model will enable us to build a highly competitive “Brand Australia” based on five key conditions which must be met through strong Government leadership and all-inclusive collaboration.

  1. VISION: Developing a national economic and social Vision for Australia – with very ambitious (inspiring) long-term goals for the nation focused on identifying and leveraging our most valuable competitive advantages. We have a lot to gain by understanding, respecting, and wisely utilising our great natural wealth: people, nature, resources, and lifestyle.
  2. HIGH-END SPECIALISATION:  Driving of big niche “specialisation” [high value-add manufacturing – the essence of the Australian Business Model] to develop world-class leadership in areas where we have a defensible competitive advantage and can create great synergies between sectors for more rapid gains. Guidelines are required to ensure shared focus between Government – Education – Business for building appropriate skills, technology and leadership infrastructure.
  3. GLOBAL OUTLOOK: Facilitating global market outlook – Government can provide support for our competitive products to aspire to ‘global leadership’ by establishing an export-focused government information channel to disseminate up-to-date opportunities for Australian innovation to access international supply chains.
  4. INNOVATION CULTURE: Driving Innovation culture–Australian businesses need to be ‘informed’, ‘educated’ about the potential of innovation and incentivised to embrace it. Australian Business Model will enable businesses to define their unique definition of innovation relevant to their own strategy.
  5. PEOPLE CULTURE: Building People Culture: Only through focusing on people, leaders, workers, youth, and our aging population can we achieve continuity and sustainability of innovation. Australian Business Model provides clarity of purpose and pride in one’s work that connects employees and leaders and the broader community. It builds a high performance economy, based on employing highly qualified staff and relentlessly training the workforce in vocational as well as leadership skills.


Jojo-2Margaret Manson | Chief Inspirator | InnoFuture 

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