the unknown futureAs we discuss Non-Negotiable Principles (NNPs) more and more with business leaders, one of the rising questions is “what are the practical applications of these strategies?” As you may know, developing core NNPs for your organisation will help everyone on the team make better decisions more easily – leading to a more agile and innovative company. But what kinds of decisions are we talking about here?

Mainly, we mean every decision from daily operations, sales, customer service, marketing, and more. Today’s example of a practical use of NNP strategies is in writing better blog posts. It is very common for businesses of all sizes to struggle over the decisions of what to say online, when, and how often. But with NNPs in place, these decisions become almost natural – and the results much more rewarding.

InnoFuture, of course, created it’s own NNP map to allow us to grow and move in the same direction. Before this, the focus was more vague, and blog posts were sporadic and random. After going through this exercise, our writings have dramatically changed for the better. Establishing and clearly communicating our Non-Negotiable Principles has led each individual on the team to better understand InnoFuture’s purpose, goal, and message – making it easier to distill that in everything we do online. This includes our social profiles as well as our blog posts. No longer are we “all over the map” with content that is largely guesswork. Now, we create content that people actually read, and have increased our online audience and interaction as a result.

So, whether you as the leader are solely responsible for your company’s online communication, you’ve given the task to someone else, or you don’t even have a blog yet, creating your own NNPs will drastically improve your approach and results. Remember that what we do online as businesses should always center around providing information that is centered on what our market wants and what we have to offer – are you crystal clear on what those things are? Is your team?

InnoFuture is leading a business revolution and showing leaders how to establish their own Non-Negotiable Principles for success in the Global Economy. We are offering free information in a 29 minute webinar titled Blueprint for Productivity, Innovation, and Growth. Check it out and see what your organisation is missing!

Have you already developed your own NNPs? Let us know in the comments (or tweet us @InnoFuture) how they have helped everyone on your team communicate with your market!