In the over-use of the term “innovation”, we tend to believe that being innovative is something that just comes naturally to the lucky ones, or that it’ll just happen as long as we are diligently talking about it. The truth, as many thought-leaders of today are showing us, is that breeding innovation requires a lot of planning to be

However, these plans often do not start with “we want to innovate this market”, or “we want to change the world.” While those are grand ideas, they are also fairly abstract ones.

Great innovation begins with small, concrete goals. Little changes like the layout of your work areas, allowing more team members to work remotely, and planning your company budget differently will lead to a more innovative culture, which is like building a petri dish to breed great ideas.

Next time you are assessing your business plan, daily activities, or even a product launch, consider ways you can be doing things not only differently, but better. These small steps in planning will lead to the much bigger goals of revolution.