Blueprint for Strategic Business Productivity & Innovation

Every business needs a Competitive Advantage to attract and engage customers and drive profitable sales. But how can you expect customer loyalty if your employees are not engaged?

Businesses are primarily geared for external marketing and often lack the skills and resources to first ‘sell’ the brand message internally and provide all employees with a strategic focus for daily operations.

Enduring business success is anchored to the employees’ understanding of the company’s strategic goals and brand message. Statistics show that:

  • Only 68% of employees are proud to work for their employer
  • Only 69% believe their work is valued
  • 20% don’t have a clear vision of what is expected of them in their role
  • Only 58% of an employee’s day is spent on work that directly adds ‘real value’
  • Nearly 40% of CEOs don’t communicate strategic objectives to employees and are not involved in the innovation process.

The biggest impact on Productivity is when these statistics are projected on the most qualified employees who should be creating and adding value to the business. Providing a clear Mission to all employees is mission-critical. When correctly executed, Mission creates the road-map for the entire organisation. It remindspeople who they are and what they are best at, and how to find the best path to reach the goal.

What are Non-Negotiable Principles?

Non-Negotiable Principles is a small set of phrases which translate the Company’s Mission into a simple guidelines for all employees to understand, relate to, and apply to daily decisions and activities. By daily proactice, employees and the organisation are conditioned for agile change .

Non-Negotiable Principles enable Leaders to drive strategy, brand differentiation and consistent customer experience in every part of business. You can easily test them with a single question:

“Will this action support our Non-Negotiable Principle?”

It gives the employees a clear focus on what is to be achieved and how to know it is being achieved helping people become more productive, and more confident in the accuracy of their decisions so that they have more time and more capacity to think “Innovation”.

The Non-Negotiable Principle is an essential strategic communication and operational tool, designed to give an organisation the agility required to succeed in the new economy. Its power is the simplicity of design and implementation, and the ability to create value through daily application.

Our Solution:

  1. We translate your Company’s Vision and Mission into a small set of Non-Negotiable Principles.
  2. We provide the Leader and Managers with communication tools to launch, train and coach the entire organisation in applying the focus of the Non-Negotiable Principles until it becomes a common language and behaviour.


  • Increased differentiation making it easier for customers to buy.
  • Increased customer loyalty and advocacy – lower cost of sales.
  • Increased productivity from faster decision cycle and improved quality of decisions.
  • Increased profitability from shorter sales cycles and customer pull.
  • Increased business stability from continuous improvement and high market relevance.
  • Increased capacity to innovate and extend business offerings to existing and new markets.
  • Savings from lower staff turnover and cost of re-training.

Please note: The Leader’s role is NOT to know everything but to know when and how to mobilise necessary resources to get things done. Getting the Non-Negotiable Principle in the hands of your people is urgent and important. InnoFuture is a strategic resource for busy Leaders and Managers.

Ready for a different outcome?

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