B2B Marketing Manifesto

The New Rules of Engagement

Why You Need a Marketing Manifesto

Digital has irreversibly disrupted the old marketing and selling models. There is a new sandpit with new rules and a new King, Content.  If you want your business to succeed and thrive in this new playground, your business must learn these rules and play better than anyone else. This Marketing Manifesto is your guide to the new rules.

Hence, whatever your competitive advantage, it is only as good as your market and customer communication.  Effective marketing communication always comes from a place of passion and genuine conviction based on a deep understanding of the customer. So, for instance, in the B2B sector, the two most effective methods of business development – the word of mouth (WOM) and networking – still work but new rules strictly apply.

The B2B Marketing Manifesto – New Rules

  1. Thought leadership holds the future of organisations, countries and humanity.Marketing Manifesto
  2. Business is about two things: innovation and marketing.
  3. Good businesses have all the resources at their fingertips. Great businesses inspire.
  4. Business success is a global race for resources, talent and customers.
  5. World acceleration requires business response acceleration.
  6. Collaboration imperative: no one can do it alone.
  7. Cultural innovation is the only sustainable differentiator.
  8. Innovation is the ability to find new intersections of existing knowledge.
  9. Innovation is a way of life, a system of habits and behaviours for business.
  10. Innovation is a state of mind.
  11. Innovation is a contact sport.
  12. An individual who can make a difference.
  13. Influence is the new leadership.
  14. To be the best, we need to play with the best across disciplines across geography
  15. Forget ‘industry’ Benchmarking and create your own game with your rules.
  16. Look to Non-Customers for radical growth.
  17. Do things differently.
  18. Think outside the square, Innovate inside the square.
  19. The philosophy of ‘abundance’ reminds us that ‘less is more’.
  20. Communication and ‘interpretation’ of trends is the essence of positive progress.


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