Woody Allen, while not necessarily considered a thought leader of today, was once considered a visionary and had many “gems” to share with us.Строительство | Строительство деревянных домов под ключ

I particularly like this quote because it sums up the core truth for innovation in any capacity. To be innovative, you must try new things – often several, disruptive new things. Whenever you try new things, there is a probability of failing, especially if it’s something completely new to you and/or the world.

This is also the core reason many organizations drown in the 21st century. Fear of “rocking the boat” or disrupting the status quo prevents us from breaking out of the box and standing out from the crowd. Business innovation is not the only place this is true – it is true of all organizations and individuals.

What is it you are afraid to do? What processes and procedures need to change to ensure your organization’s continued survival? Next time a radical idea comes your way, listen to that little voice that says “go for it” and you may just experience your own innovation breakthrough.