Let’s face it: the old, linear models of communication and collaboration no longer work. And those companies and organisations that continue to operate with them are sinking fast. Everyone knows that times have changed – so why are so many still trying to stay the same?

In the InnoFuture article, Purposeful Networks for Unstoppable Growth, Saul Kaplan examines the “old” model of internal communication and it’s flaws in today’s world, as well as new models which can actually save your business. Today, linear “from one department to another” communication and development slows down your processes and will actually cause losses in the end.

Improving internal communication is the first step to rebuilding your collaboration model ( or building it from scratch it you don’t have one!) It shortens the gap between the company leaders and its employees, allowing everyone to be on the same page and working toward the same vision. Without this, your company will continue to struggle with the “front end”, employees will be unengaged, and customers will become disinterested.

Business model collaboration is not only a new “trend”, it is the only way to thrive in the new economy. Take a lesson from companies like Zappos and 37Signals who both operate on simple and clear core values – their NNPs – to just get the job done. No micro-managing, no lengthy trainings and board meetings, just the desire of everyone in the company to do a great job and please their customers.

Of course, it is understandably more difficult for large companies who have been operating on the old models to understand how to make these changes rapidly and effectively. That is why InnoFuture exists: to help you transition from old to successful.

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