Business leaders of the past were terrified of disruption. In an age when efficiency was achieved through sameness and production lines, disruption was considered the enemy of profits.

Business leaders of today are embracing and even cultivating disruption – and achieving much higher profits and success than was ever thought possible! Why is this?

Disruption does not need to mean chaos. It does not need to mean unmanagable systems and workforces. On the contrary, disruption in the right environment can create the best systems for innovation and agility, allowing your company to quickly adapt and increase profits in any economy.

The trick to developing this kind of thriving culture in business is to keep the parameters or guidelines simple but clear. Again, Non-Negotiable Principles are guiding factors, not micro-managing rules of tedium.

In the article, Culture as a Business Process, we used the example of motorcycle manufacturer’s in Chongqing, China to demonstrate just how easy it is to let disruptive processes revitalize your organisation. Not only that, but it creates a business culture that people love to follow!