This graphic might seem a bit random, but it cleverly illustrates the organic nature of innovation. We speak of innovation in business ad nauseum, but it is important to remember that true innovation is much bigger than that. True innovation touches everything, and a breakthrough in on industry can lead to breakthroughs in another, improving the entire world.Отделка цоколя сайдингом


Innovations in laptop technology made them more portable and more affordable – making them more accessible to college students. In return, school lessons have evolved to integrate or interact with laptops across the world. We are seeing the same kind of life cycle in the world of mobile technology.

Better graphics in the video game industry lead to better TVs, and vice-versa. Better TV technology leads to improvements in remote medical services – allowing doctors to work with patients who might not otherwise be able to afford care.

It is rare that we think of the long-term effects of our efforts to innovate our businesses, but remembering these things every once in a while can help give you the courage to make that leap. Disruptive innovation can not only improve your entire industry, but the entire world.