A recent article from Forbes showcases a critical error that the majority of organisations are still making when it comes to innovation. An excerpt form the article reads:

“Is your company a great place for innovation? That probably depends on whether you ask the boss or the underlings. According to a new study by Development Dimensions International, a human resources consulting firm, the boss and the workers could hardly disagree more.”

Why is there such a disconnect between what bosses are seeing and what employees are seeing? In many cases, it boils down to failure to connect, communicate, and collaborate effectively among a team. Many managers still maintain the old definitions and structures of belief that say “looking for answers from your employees looks weak.” Forbes goes on to say:

“The researchers broke down a leader’s role in innovation into four basic pieces: The leader must inspire curiosity, challenge current perspectives, create freedom, and drive discipline.”

These are the aspects of today’s top leaders, and the virtues that will inspire respect as well as drive innovation. How well are you REALLY doing? You might want to ask others to find out.