Today Apple proudly announced that it had paid out $10 billion since 2008 to app developers, and half of that had been paid out in the last year alone. It makes me think of the “crisis” the company underwent when the beloved Steve Jobs passed away and most of the general public seemed to agree that Apple was

While Jobs certainly left behind a solid foundation, it was up to the new leadership to forge a new path and not only continue growth of the company, but to set it up as “new and improved.” I believe the numbers speak for themselves – they’re doing a great job.

All of us face adversity in our businesses and careers – odds that seem insurmountable or setback after setback – and all too many of us throw in the towel too soon. Instead, we should be reminded that adversity is where true innovation is borne. Often, you give up just ten steps before your competitors, and they are the ones who reap the rewards.

So, as I am sure we’ve all done at least once, take a lesson from Apple: do not give up or give in. Stick to your core values and Non-Negotiable Principles. Trust them to guide you through the storms, and you may be surprised by what is lying on the other side.