I & T Shaped People in Business Culture

Zern Liew

Innovation RIOT is one of the initiatives InnoFuture undertook to bring business leaders and professionals closer to innovation ideas and building resilient organisations. The RIOT [Rapid Insight Online Talks] is a series of online events with selected global experts.

We speak with these experts and allow participants interact with them to uncover secrets to more successful, more innovative and more adaptive businesses. The main premise is that NO one has all the information in house, let alone in their own head. The RIOT not only informs and inspires ideas. It connects busy and stressed Leaders with Expertise.

In this Talk you will hear from one of Australia’s most interesting thinker, Zern Liew, of Eicolab. Zern explains the concept of I and T shaped people: those with narrow, deep and highly specialist knowledge; and the ‘generalists’ who connect the I’s and play the critical role in making innovation happen and make impact through communicating it.

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