Dr Sarah Pearson, ANU: Open Innovation Case

SPEAKER:  Dr Sarah Pearson, DPhil, MAIP

Director ANU Edge and Visiting Fellow at ANU College of Business and Economics
Australian National University
Tags:   Open Innovation, Culture & Leadership

Yielding strategic value using connected and collaborative teams – bringing all levels of the company along;

Your 3 Key Lessons/Takeaways. Listen to this video to:
1.Understand the critical importance of gaining senior leadership buy-in and demonstrating how new activities will support delivery of current goals
2.See that successful change programs need a Champion and should ideally begin with results
3.Learn that using multifunctional teams and aligning open innovation activities with marketing and R&D strategy can yield higher value delivery.

Dr Sarah Pearson is a passionate practitioner and speaker for Open Innovation. She understands the benefits of mastering the art of Open Innovation as the source of not only incomparable competitive advantage, but also one of the most exciting ways to work and grow business… fast.

Dr Sarah Pearson, has had an eclectic career spanning industrial innovation, academia, management consulting and science communication.

Her involvement in innovation started when working as a strategic management consultant at McKinsey & Co in Sydney, where she devised strategies for high tech industries and co-authored a book chapter on innovation.

She then went on to develop and patent new methods for cancer diagnosis whilst a Physics academic, and later moved into industrial innovation, where she was the inaugural Open Innovation Champion at Cadbury, based in their long term R&D unit in Reading UK.

Sarah has published extensively through the media of TV, radio, books, journals, magazines and newspapers, and is an author on seven international patents, for cancer diagnosis and novel confectionary. She is passionate about innovation, especially Open Innovation, and keen to support its uptake and growth in Australia.

Contact: To contact Dr Sarah Pearson, email us.