NNPGearsIt may sound contradictory to everything you know of business agility and innovation in the Digital Age, but there are still some areas in which a business simply cannot afford to compromise. Which changing and adapting is essential, the underline principles and vision of an organisation must remain solid and strong in order to withstand the flood.

In fact, it is the very ability for the most innovative companies of today to remain steadfast in their mission or ultimate goal that makes them kings in this economy. As Kenny Rogers himself might say, you’ve got to know when to fold ’em and know when to fold ’em.

Areas in business that are ripe for change may include operations, systems, tools, approach. Areas that simply are not up for debate are your established Non-Negotiable Principles. Hence the name!

But what happens in corporations which either do not have NNPs, or have not effectively communicated them throughout the team? This is where size can truly kill. The key is to be sure that your Non-Negotiable Principles are clear, succinct, and adopted by every single employee. Even – or especially – massive companies with thousands of employees MUST have a guiding force to help all operations run smoothly, breed agility, and boost innovation.

Continuous improvement is not only possible, it is necessary. You MUST learn to lead the pack rather than run with it. The larger the pack, the more work you’ve got.

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