Competitive Australia – Leaders Alliance for Shaping Advanced Economy

Australian_Business_Model-Title_imageWe urgently need to build a resilient, ‘full-speed’ competitive Australian economy that will withstand the global challenges and take full advantage of Australia’s unique resources for continued future prosperity of the nation, business and society.

This is the introduction to a very special LinkedIn Group. The Group will draw on best of Australian leadership and be prepared to drive action to change the course of Australian history through collaboration in shaping an advanced, highly competitive business and economy. Less retro talk, more action!

We all know the problems. Let’s start working on a solution. Our Government says it’s up to business to create and keep jobs. It’s true. I’d go even further: Business Leaders need to embrace the long term picture of their business as well of the society in which they are privileged to operate. AND, it is also up to Business Leaders to ensure the Government is in sync with long term needs of business and a competitive economy – in order to sustain a prosperous society.

The Group Name:

Competitive Australia – Leaders Alliance for Shaping  Advanced Economy

Group Manifesto ‘Draft’:

Sandbox_RulesThis is a platform for progressive Australian business leaders who are interested in less retrospective talk and more in constructive, action-focused input and off-line collaboration to shape the competitive, prosperous and sustainable future of Advanced Australia.

We are committed to:

  1. Developing and nurturing Visionary and open leadership on country and business level.
  2. Co-creation and adoption of a long-term Vision for Australia that guides government investment and policy and sound business decisions.
  3. Co-creation and adoption of a long-term strategic direction for Australia that will underpin confidence for business investment in innovation.
  4. Build National and Corporate Culture of market focus on solving big problems and the country and unmet needs of global customer; and aggressive, purposeful innovation.
  5. Nurture People Culture of developing skilled, Informed, inspired and strategically engaged employees.
  6. Embrace Green is Gold principle – respect and preservation of natural assets for Australia and humanity, as our number one competitive advantage.
  7. Drive advanced value-add business mindset, based on market needs and ethical principles.
  8. Understanding and investing in purposeful innovation that leverages national strategic direction on business level.
  9. Embrace an agile process of strategic, purposeful collaboration between businesses, and business, education and government sectors for the common good of Australia.

Margaret Manson |

Chief Inspirator | InnoFuture

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