In the business world of today, it’s hard to tell who your true competition is and who may be a potential collaborator. Both help us grow and strive as organisations, but when does the idea of competing begin to impede our potential for innovation through collaboration?

As a standard, most companies concede that companies directly within their industry should be considered competitors, while companies within complimentary industries can be considered for collaboration. However, what kind of wonderful changes could be produced if Microsoft and Apple decided to work on a worldwide collaboration initiative? What kind of good could that produce?

In fact, it may be safe to say that in the Global Economy, no one is “off limits” for potential collaboration. Competing car companies frequently work together to create new and better vehicles, so why can’t we operate the same way?

The idea of competitors as “the enemy” will continue to slow down and even drown massive organisations who refuse to open their doors to new possibilities. You can learn a lot from the people you are ignoring!