True Leaders understand that success is a team effort, but that team is doomed without a Leader who can harness their strengths and manage their actions appropriately. Thus, hiring the right Leaders for your team(s) is perhaps the most crucial element to build iconic and innovative brands that

There are many different areas in which Leaders must perform – and usually their specific functions differ from position to position. However, there are a few key guidelines you can follow in any situation to help you choose the right Leader for each team. Here are a few questions to ask as you go through this process.

The very first stumbling block many companies come upon is hiring individuals based on experience and “hard” skills, rather than on their personality and particular passions. When you hire anyone for your team, you MUST evaluate whether they would be a good fit for your culture based on your set of Non-Negotiable Principles. The same is true for leaders of your team. Even if they have worked for your organisation for years, you should re-evaluate their fit. Leader who do not embody the core values of your business will be ineffective and create confusion among your employees.

For large companies, it is not uncommon for different departments or teams to have slightly different cultures. While each department must be working towards the same goals, they might all accomplish them differently. IT teams may not be as “carefree” as the design teams, and HR departments might be more analytical than sales reps. It is important to choose Leaders whose personalities mesh well with the teams they are hoping to lead, so they can be integrated quickly and work seamlessly with the team rather than against them.

It’s important to never hire someone who simply wants a job. Instead, request that potential Leaders articulate their particular dreams or goals for the team they hope to lead, and then judge if those goals align with your own aspirations for that team as part of he organisational whole. Is their vision of the future in alignment with yours?

5. Does their leading style match the learning/working style of the team?Much like deciding if the Leader is a personality fit for the team, you must also be sure that their Leadership style will translate well with the team. Some departments desperately need a micro-manager, but most prefer a Leadership style that says “go, learn, explore. Then we’ll figure out how to make it all work together.” More and more Leaders of today are finding themselves in more of a collaborative role than a “management” one.