In our ever-increasingly complex world of business, organisations are thinker bigger: more complex solutions, more technology, more people – a recipe for disaster. Today, it is easy to get caught up in data and new trends, but these are the least important elements, and the ones that are sure to distract you from what is really important in your business.

We assert that for business to not only survive, but thrive in the new economy, they need to simplify their plans and processes dramatically. Business training must be focused on these simple principles: communication and understanding. With this outlook, businesses begin to grow organically, invite innovation, and allow people to create. This, traditionally, is scary to organisation bent on micro-managing and crunching numbers – but is the lifeblood and necessity of success in the Asian Century.

Today, leadership is not so much about leading – it is about influencing. It is not gaining customers, it’s about building a following that genuinely love you and your brand. Expanding visibility and authority through social media and other new technologies can become very complex if you do not begin from a simple base.

Part of your business training needs to communicate the THREE functions of business: Marketing, Innovation and Service. Whatever your business goal, vision, or mission, you must be able to perform these three functions consistently in order to thrive. It all begins with simplifying and identifying the business trends for success not only in 2013, but far beyond. What will you do to start the revolution in your company?