Charles_DarwinIt is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. – Charles Darwin

Now known as the Father of Evolution, Charles Darwin formed his theories on natural selection through his lifelong dedication. Although he lived over 130  years ago, his findings help to shape education, science, and even business today.

In nature, evolving does not necessarily mean taking out “the little guy.” It does not mean becoming the strongest or smartest, it means becoming the most adaptable. In fact, it is only the most adaptable species that survive – regardless of what others around them are doing.

The same can definitely be said about business, and as we move further into the Information Age, the environment is only going to become more and more volatile. To survive, your organisation MUST become the most adaptable one – despite what others around you are doing.

Many times the term “agile” is applied to companies that have the ability to make major changes to their systems and procedures QUICKLY in response to changes in their market. These companies have devised their mission and structure in ways that they are pliable, but strong. Solid, but flexible. Only organisations with no hierarchy gap in communication and clear objectives and goals are able to achieve this level of agility, and only these companies will shape (and survive) the future.

I fear for the dominant, dinosaur corporations that have built such large structures that they don’t have a communication gap – they have a communication gorge. In the next decade, we will either see more and more of these organisations go extinct, or see more and more of them completely restructuring themselves.

How about your business? Have you built a replica of the Titanic? Or do you run a tight ship – ready to navigate even the most turbulent of waters?

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