Content Thrives on Business Culture People Love to Follow

How content can help you get 110% from People, deliver exceptional Value and consistently delight your customers? DOJO-InnoFutureIf growth and revenue have anything to do with it, your business is probably already one of the 70% of those who are actively investing in content marketing.

And you no doubt realise that content creation is not the first step in the process?

Before content can spin its magic and attract your ideal customers, you must have a system that delivers the brand promise you make through your content.

Does your company have a System in place to attract more customers, great staff and exciting partners to thrive? Does your current approach enable to to actively coach, connect and inspire your Workforce…

  • To understand how the company’s Vision helps them make better decisions?
  • To help Leaders reach and inspire employees to help them succeed?
  • To apply your unique KNOW-HOW to get more consistent results?
  • To engage all employees in innovative thinking to always improve what we do, to deliver value to customers?
  • To not only come up with many good ideas but to implement more winning ideas?
  • To collaborate across all functions, skills and experience to find new breakthrough solutions?
  • To co-create innovative culture as a business Process that can be measured, improved and changed?
  • A system that can give your 110% return on people easier, cheaper and faster?

InnoFuture DOJO

DOJO is an innovative approach to creating and embedding internal communication to support Business and Marketing objectives and a customer-centric culture people love to follow.

Customer-centric brand culture is not something people learn how to do, but something they learn how to be.

DOJO does two things: One, it gives training a strategic focus; and, two, it connects and engages employees to apply learning and strategy to their daily operations and their job, giving 110% in return on people.

What is DOJO 

We have derived our Marketing DOJO from martial arts. In martial arts, dojo is a place to practice and master the ‘do’ or ‘path’. Dojo is a place where students and masters gather to teach, learn and practice together. Dojo comes equipped with a system that is unique to a particular do, rules, rituals, instruction and weapons. InnoFuture Dojo is based on these principles. We help you create your own unique dojo (white label), where you write your own rules that will give you a unique competitive advantage.

What to expect from DOJO

DOJO enables businesses to build stronger competitive advantage through these direct outcomes:

  • Communicated Vision and strategic goals help people make better decisions and build more productive and confident workforce.
  • Connected and networked employees are better positioned to find alternative solutions to deliver customer value.
  • Training is more strategic and results focused, with a direct return in performance.
  • Continuous improvement becomes daily behaviour and routine of every job.
  • Employees are engaged in co-creating Knowledge Management systems.
  • Dojo networking Forums are a ready source of business improvement and creating customer value.
  • Training is a desirable ‘ritual’ with added inspirational content from InnoFuture global expert network.

The power of DOJO lies it its simplicity and scalability: it can be effectively used by a small, fast growing organisation that needs to pay attention to its processes as well as a larger organisation that needs to be more nimble and connect people across rigid barriers.

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