All of our talk here at InnoFuture about innovation principles is great, but every once in a while our readers want something concrete that they can immediately apply for results. The truth is, cultivating sustainable innovation and growth can be immediate, but it may take a while for the results to be apparent. Here are five things you can do now to immediately begin building such a culture, with results in as little as 30 days.

1. Work With Your Non-Negotiable Principles in Mind

Obviously, this means you MUST have your Non-Negotiable Principles decided, boiled down, and effectively communicated to your entire team. Once this is done, it is time to lead by example. Each day, make sure the business decisions you make and actions you take “fit” with those principles. You will quickly find this makes all decisions much easier!

2. Cultivate Creativity

As a leader, you may only deal directly with upper management, or you may deal with your whole team each day. Either way, it is important to spend a bit of time encouraging and congratulating creative thought in order to cultivate more.

3. Communicate Authentically

Whenever possible, ditch the industry and corporate jargon. People of all levels in business appreciate authenticity, and it will show through to your entire team and company. Keep the organisation’s values and principles in mind during any communication, and you will easily develop a roadmap through any interview, negotiation, or marketing material.

4. Build Your Own Skills

Don’t get so tied up in “building you team” that you forget to build your own skills for creativity, innovation, and communication. Each day, do something that will help you learn, practice, and grow in these areas. You will see yourself becoming a more and more influential leader with no effort at all.

5. Connect With Your Team

An absent leader is easily forgotten and never followed. Make sure you are connecting with at least a small portion of your team every single working day to let them know that you are still in the game and they should be, too.

Having trouble defining and executing your Non-Negotiable Principles? These are the ESSENTIAL building blocks of any innovative company!

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