It’s Q4, and for many of us this means it’s time to review what our organisation and industry have done during the year. For some, it means crunching numbers and sleepless nights, for others it means reviewing what didn’t work and planning for the future, but for all us it should mean taking a look at what did work and why. Looking back on our progress should be a healthy balance of what didn’t work and how to change it, and what did work and how to repeat it.

For example, many of the most innovative ideas in the last ten years have failed due to a lack of effective collaboration and adoption of the technology. Some, however, have gone on to be wildly successful hallmarks of innovation to the entire world. Their combination of great ideas, hard work, and effective collaboration have led them to success, and everyone should review how to replicate the same.

The Entrepreneur article: 4 Innovative Ideas That Changed Everything highlights some of these ideas: Google Maps, Facebook, iTunes, and Skype – all of which work because they make sharing and gaining information faster and easier than ever before. One of the top driving factors of innovation is improved functionality and communication: so what has your organisation done to facilitate this?

It could be as easy as improving the training processes in your organisation, or completing community outreaches, or something large and grand like a brand new way of communicating in the digital world. Whatever it is, it is important to look to the past fr clues on progressing in the future.