social-media-managerLinkedIn and other social media can be a goldmine of information and a source of growth, when they are not being a time thief. This classic article by Adam Rogers was written when Australia was still thinking about innovation as a solution. 

The question it poses, why innovation is a bad word, whets an appetite for innovation with some practical tips lightly camouflaged by the tongue-in-cheek approach. There has been too much heavy-handed pontificating of ‘innovation’ which turns people off, causing them to miss out on what really matters.

The fact is that for many misinformed organisations (and leaders) innovation is fast becoming an empty word, a little like a ‘designer iPad’ cover but without the iPad inside. So, let’s repeat the mantra: innovation is not a separate discipline or department or ‘strategy’. It is a systematic fulfillment of a Competitive Strategy of a company (any organisation for that matter) through daily routine activity of informed and engaged people in the organisation.”

If we consider that there are more than 10 ways to innovate in business, it becomes clear that every employee has a chance to make a difference – daily. They just need to operate in the right environment (Culture): be informed, inspired and connected.

And, as Adam Rogers, so well points out, its the Culture (and Sub-Culture) that enables effective delivery of innovative – and competitive – outcomes. Of course, while a culture exists in every organisation, it is the right (purposefully designed) Culture that makes a difference. It may be difficult for an organisation to ‘design’ the culture completely with internal resources – two main obstacles being: time and objectivity – but I strongly believe that it will NEVER be delivered by a big consulting firm which will be bureaucratic and conservative in itself. Culture (just think of your every day yoghurt) needs a small addition of a catalyst to grow and to be replenished constantly.

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