Delta-Innovation_classSpotted by this is an example of kick-ass innovations using Social Media to engage and create value for Customers. Delta Airlines is again one of the most profitable airlines in the world (several US airlines have made a turnaround, but that’s another story). This may be gimmicky but in the age of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ et al, the in-flight mentoring program which enables aspiring entrepreneurs to connect with established professionals is a real kicker.
Плиты покрытия ребристые

The ongoing global employment crisis and the desire to achieve personal freedom mean more people than ever aspire to be their own boss, and successful entrepreneurs are the new rock stars.

In March 2014, Delta launched Innovation Class: an ongoing mentoring program that enables budding entrepreneurs to connect with established industry professionals. The airline invited a number of leaders in the fields of art, business and technology to travel to select events around the globe, and offered people the opportunity to sit next to them. Mentees could apply for the free seat using their LinkedIn profile. A different mentor hosted each Innovation Class; the inaugural event (to the TED conference) was with Eric Migicovsky, creator of the Pebble Smartwatch.

How could you help people improve themselves, and have unique stories to tell at the same time?