Strategic Content to Boost Your Business Results

The purpose of Strategic Content is to create market awareness and stronger engagement with your business and Brand. Strategic Content Marketing does what no other form of communication can do as effectively. It establishes the Brand’s reputation and positioning. It builds trust and respect, and therefore, the confidence to do business with you! When strategic content is properly developed and consistently managed, your in-bound marketing, including website and other online channels, will work for you 24/7 in perpetuity. For free!

1. Your Website Content – Your Brand Engagement Hub

Do you think that website doesn’t matter for your business because it’s all done through relationships, sales team and on the top level? What about prospective customers? What about potential employees who want to work for a company that looks successful and modern? Is your website truly mobile? Is it current? Does it show responsiveness and relevance of your business? 

Make no mistake. You ARE being judged! Is it time to take charge of what your digital presence says about you?

  • We translate your complex products and innovative solutions into compelling website content in line with your business Brand positioning;
  • We coordinate your Digital agencies – you may have designers separately to the SEO specialists – to ensure effective delivery;
  • We manage the process internally and externally till the website can go live;
  • We ensure online and off-line SEO implementation
  • We develop your website “launch” campaign
  • We generate News content for the first 4-6 weeks from website launch – via optimal Channels


2. Monthly Content  Marketing Package

Original content, like White Papers, Case Studies and Articles, add value and authority to your business, showcasing your expertise, and industry leadership. This is what drives results for your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) by driving in-bound traffic, building Brand engagement and, ultimately, filling in the sales pipeline.
  • Monthly Insights Paper (1500-3000 words), OR Case Study, OR Major Article
  • 2 x SEO-friendly inbound marketing posts (500-800 words each) with key phrases,
  • Outgoing Email prepared for your mailing campaign: subject, body text and links;
  • Assorted SM posts – Tweets and Status updates for SM sharing (6-9 suggestions);
  • Web copy (1 page) for the landing page on your website, with download Call to Action;
  • Minimum 3 months

3. Communication Strategy & Action Plan

How would you like to set your Marketing Machine on fire? With an intensive Project you will gain a clear and simple to implement Communication Strategy and Plan. This plan will provide a short to mid-term road-map for consistent communication with your Customers and other stakeholders while boosting the effectiveness of your Sales efforts.

  • Tailored Communication Action Plan – including on- and off-line campaigns;
  • Value Proposition – including communication Plan template;
  • Marketing Segmentation defined – with tailored activity plan for the key segment;
  • Broad Marketing Budget developed – to make decisions more efficient;