How Original Content Can Create a Movement

Do you want to attract crowds to your brand and services? Would you like to make it really easy?

All it takes is originality and courage to stand out.

When you create content around a smart content strategy, each piece of content becomes part of an incrementally growing crowd. Just like characters in this video. One original content piece is like that first “lone nut” who stands up and awkwardly dances in front of a crowd of strangers, alone.

This first piece only needs to attract one right person: one follower who was looking for something just like that.

Your next piece of content, embraces the theme and two pieces that ‘dance to the same music’ attract more followers, i.e. readers.

Subsequent, related pieces of content, to be exact, 11+ pieces per month, create a movement.

And then, you get big players join you, amongst them Google. Google wants to be part of your success, and like a good search engine “host”, it lets and attracts more people to your party, to your content and to your brand.

The First Follower Principle video went viral and had over 63K views since 2014 and has many version, including a TED Talk.

Now you have a content-driven movement. Go, start your own!