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Most businesses that under perform or fail, do so not because of an inferior product or being too expensive. They fail because of poor or lack of communication: external or internal.

Make no mistake, the value of external or internal communication is equal. Today, in the age of Social Media, the best marketing effort and investment can easily be undone if your employees are not on the same page. 

While the key channels of communication are different internally and externally, out there in public, they are just that: public. They are equally visible to your employees and partners as they are to your customers. Therefore, leading brands, that consistently attract best customers and employees, ensure that all Employees are on YOUR page!

In the age of Social Media, the Leader is personally responsible for the strength and authenticity of the Brand Message. To build a successful Brand and to get the Results you Want, you need to Be heard and Be Seen. Get your important message amplified and put it on repeat with smart automation!

If your Business struggles with Growth, Differentiation, Visibility 24/7 and Sales consistency, then you need to ASK YOURSELF:

  • Are all your employees pulling together in the right direction?
  • Do they know what makes your Business different?
  • Are they willing and informed ‘ambassadors’ of your Brand?
  • Do they know the big picture and your standards – really?
  • Are they conditioned to include ideas for improvement in their daily conversations?
If you answered NO to any of these questions, you should to talk to us.




Not wanting to be a ‘tall poppy’? Still thinking it’s not about You?

Think again!

It is all about YOU and about what YOU want people to know, do and understand. You want them to understand the WHY. That’s how real, value-creating productivity is achieved today. That’s how small businesses build brands and compete more effectively. That’s how Leaders create engagement among employees and customers. From inside!

InnoFuture makes it easy to do and authentic with our world-class Inbound Marketing system.

Gain instant and lasting benefits:

  • Make your core message consistent and repeatable.
  • Know that all employees know and understand your thinking and the big goals.
  • Inspire them with your passion and vision – every time – even when you are not there.
  • Attract the right new employees who like your ‘point of view’.
  • And, you can start building a great culture: every employee is potentially a walking, talking, blogging, Tweeting and “Facebooking” member of your Sales, Marketing and Innovation Team.

Over time, depending on the type of business, it is possible and recommended to continue building your Brand Leadership around many internal experts – your valuable people who hold the key to your success.

Why wait? Talk to us TODAY! It’s a lot easier and less costly than you will ever imagine.


Jojo-2InnoFuture is a contemporary alternative to the traditional marketing function. As a CMO on-call for innovative B2B companies we develop and implement scalable inbound marketing systems that enable our clients to drive  growth and build Brand equity cost-effectively.


Margaret Manson | Chief Inspirator
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