20 Principles of an Innovative Business

Jojo-2Our VISION is to become the ultimate destination for progressive Australian businesses to  transform into differentiated, globally competitive Business Brands, driven by unique CULTURES that drive Productivity and Innovation.

This is our Vision for Desirable Future Manifesto:

  1. Business Innovation starts with knowing what you want to achieve. Vision.
  2. One person does not make innovation.
  3. To innovate effectively, people must collaborate.
  4. No one person or business can succeed alone in the connected age.
  5. Good companies have great resources – great companies inspire.
  6. The only way to fly is with Open wings.
  7. World acceleration means giving power to the people!
  8. Influence is the new Leadership.
  9. Cultural business innovation is the only sustainable differentiator.
  10. To be the best we need to learn from the best – across disciplines.
  11. Innovation is the ability to find new intersections for existing knowledge.
  12. Conditioning for change: doing one thing differently every day.
  13. Thinking outside the square and Innovating inside the square.
  14. The philosophy of ‘abundance’ also means that ‘less is more’.
  15. Thought leadership is the future of organisations, countries and humanity.
  16. ‘Interpretation’ of Trends and Communication is the essence of survival.
  17. Business Innovation is a way of life.
  18. Business Innovation is a state of mind.
  19. Business Innovation is a contact sport.
  20. Democratizing innovation can create national and global Renaissance.