Like many brands, InnoFuture, Future Powered by Innovation, started with a Leader’s Vision. This Vision was to create a world-class business innovation conference that would transform the future of Australian businesses through best knowledge, inspiration and connecting people with ideas and resources.

Success of this vision can be measure on three levels: it created a movement, helped build a respected Brand, and, as a leader, I have learnt an enormous amount. That’s what happens when you ‘play with the best’ and ‘do things’ as fast as you go, embracing relevant technology in the process.

Here are the hard lessons, or twelve ‘commandments of innovation’ for Australia:

  1. Don’t build a Product until you know who will want to buy it. Communicate early!
  2. Market ‘needs’ are overrated. Just look at ‘needy’ businesses and managers who don’t act.
  3. Know your customers problems intimately and strive to make them ‘urgent’.
  4. Educate the market and remind them about your solutions often. Don’t assume they know.
  5. Brand and deliver your promise consistently.
  6. Vision attracts. Have one. Use it!
  7. Content is King! Rule the market with content that builds your Brand.
  8. Don’t tell. Show possibilities through stories and content, e.g. case studies, video and events.
  9. Consistent marketing communication (two-way) builds Brands and leads to innovation.
  10. Indecision (yours and others’) is the real killer. Don’t wait for anyone. Keep moving.
  11. Have courage to act! Fallen? Get up and try again.
  12. Don’t wait for the Government!

Let me know your thoughts.

Jojo-2Margaret Manson is the Founder of InnoFuture. Essentially, a ‘blue-collar’ content and communication Specialist, she does the hard stuff that builds Brands and grows business pipelines. With over 300 integrated market campaigns, she is a dedicated and relentlessly innovative resource for Business Owners and busy Managers to energise the Value Proposition, Brand Content, Communication Strategy, Internal Projects engagement and Leaders’ Personal Branding.

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“Content is my Religion”